Sunday, September 25, 2005

All About Susan

I'm going to Amsterdam next week to meet up with Susan.

There are some things I need to say to her, so I asked some Dutch friends to translate three sentences for me. Here they are:

1: Wil je alsjeblieft deze kleine handoek aandoen?

2: Is er een kans dat je je vriend in Mexico dumpt?

3: Mag ik je nogsteeds tegen je kont slaan?

And now in English:

#1 - Please wear this miniature towel.

#2 - Is there any chance you will break up with your boyfriend in Mexico?

#3 - Am I still allowed to slap your ass?

Want to know more about Susan? I do! Let's find out together - in Amsterdam!

But in the next few entries, I'll tell you how it all started...

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