Sunday, March 27, 2011

Why Men Love Die Hard and Women Get Fat in Winter

I had a fifteen minute wait for a train today, which almost never happens in Switzerland, so I popped into a bookshop to while away the time.  I noticed dozens of books with variations on the name 'Why Men Hate X and Women Love Y.'

I did some research and found startling sales figures:


Why Men Don't Listen and Women Can't Read Maps has sold six million copies, including an astonishing 1.3m in Helsinki - one for every man, woman, and child there.  Why Men Want Sex and Women Need Love sold four million copies in five months and caused book riots in Harrods.

So I've decided to stop writing Robots versus Vampires, and churn out this kind of shit instead.

Starting with -

Which will be followed, six weeks later, by -

And just in time to pay a deposit on a bachelor pad in Manila, I'll knock this one out -

Early retirement, here I come!



  1. Carmen8:11 PM

    Andrew...simple and real funny. Call me when you are rich!! ;-)

  2. Romaric5:29 PM

    I laughed...


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