Sunday, August 28, 2011

Mastering Online Dating: Part Three

Mastering Online Dating: Sending a Message

My research into rival men's profiles was making me a top expert on the whole online dating thing. My conclusion: men don't really think about how their profiles will be understood.

Okay, so that was lots of fun, but it was time to get back to MY adventures.
Having chuckled myself to sleep after posting my profile, I woke up and messaged a couple of hot babes before breakfast. My research told me that women don't often make the first move by sending the first message. What was more likely is that I'd write to a girl, and she would check out my profile and write back. Or not.

So how to get their attention with my introductory message?
Tsch! Too easy!

I sent this to a fiesty girl whose profile pretty much said 'Don't write to me unless you're awesome.'
Hey, I don't think we're a match, but I thought your profile was cool. I love how picky you
are, and wonder if it will stop all the horny guys trying to waste your time... Good luck with
your search.
Huh? A guy is writing to ME and telling ME I'm not a match for HIM? My female brain is exploding!

I sent the same thing to another woman, but adapted to her profile. Both women came across as totally awesome people I'd love to meet. In fact, there was a huge disparity between how thoughtful and mature and interestingly self-aware the women were, while men came across as lame, inarticulate, and apologetic.

The site allowed me to see who had read my profile. Unsurprisingly, a couple of days into the project, only two women had looked at it - the ones I'd written to. So I'd cracked the secret of getting women to read my profile. The profile was maybe probably too obnoxious as it stood, as neither responded to me (although as only 1 in 3 dating site messages are replied to, my sample was statistically irrelevant). However, I was already way ahead of most guys.

Interestingly, another woman later checked me out - I had added her to my 'favourites' list so I could write to her when I had more time. Presumably she checked her favourite thing too, to see who was stalking her. She was smoking hot.

Next - expanding to more sites.

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