Friday, September 02, 2011

Mastering Online Dating: Part Four

Mastering Online Dating: Trying More Sites

I decided to let my 'annoying jerk' profile swim in the Plenty of Fish sea for a while, and moved onto another site, Metrodate. It's much smaller than PoF, but size isn't everything. Just ask someone with a micropenis, e.g. me.

I used the name better_than_perfect again. I added one normal photo and one of me dressed like a court jester. I captioned it 'My Work Uniform' and decided to add it to Plenty of Fish, too. Women like fun, right?

My Work Uniform
Metrodate has a lot of fields you can fill in describing what you're looking for. In my research, I read about a guy whose theory was that if you are super-selective, women will be more interested than if you say you'll take anything. I decided to test the theory.

The Internet told me that the average height for a woman in Switzerland is 164cm, which is 5'4" (the same as in the UK). I decided my dream woman should be at least 170cm, but no more than 175cm. She's also a non-smoking atheist. And widows need not apply!

Since I was testing the super-selective thing, I decided to be a bit more socially normal with regards to the profile text. Hmm... what to write?

Instead of thinking for myself, I decide to go into the chat room and meet some chicks and outsource the work to them (by asking them what I should write). I logged into the chat, and it was a sausage-fest. Frustrated guys were screaming at each other to 'fuck off and die'. The only 'woman' in the chat had a listed age of 100. It was a guy in New Mexico pretending to be a girl, and not very well. I logged out of the chat...

Instead of writing my profile, I checked out some chicks on the site. A couple were suspiciously hot. One was supposedly aged 25 but looking for a man aged 40-85. Huh? 85? Really? Really?

I remembered why I never gave online dating a chance before - because it's full of Nigerian scam artists. I sighed and vowed to continue the experiment.

Next - Storms and Scams

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