Friday, October 21, 2011

True Love: The Hike

True Love: The Hike

by Andrew Girardin and Gonzalo Muñoz



  1. I don't get it. He's gay and it's his incredibly tiny bearded boyfriend?

    I KNEW you'd do this. I knew it was just a matter of time before your comics turned into highbrow 'art' that I couldn't understand anymore. I feel betrayed.

  2. "He's gay and it's his incredibly tiny bearded boyfriend?"

    You understand it perfectly!


    And if it's art, it's art imitating life, since it's a true story that happened to someone YOU have met!

    Plus I reserve the right to do weird abstract shit that no-one gets. But this ain't one of them things.

  3. Andrew, I told you that the tiny bearded guy was too tiny and weird! He looks like a bearded baby!

  4. Really? Did Muscly-Hiker-Stud-Who-Turned-Out-To-Be-Gay have an extreme midget fetish in the true story too?

    Baby was my first thought too, and I thought she was all "ohhh MAN... he has a KID... damn!". Except then the baby had a beard. And then he was smooching the baby on the end of the wharf at sunset. And I figured... maybe they just had a really close relationship and the baby had some hormone imbalance?

  5. Excellent Andrew - great work but who did the art work? It's ace.
    Love mum.
    Keep up the good work.

  6. Cecile - the only person who looks like a bearded baby is YOU.

    Nick - Hiker stud's boyfriend was a little Indian guy. Just like in the comic!

    Mum - as it says on the top - Gonzalo Munoz. He's done a few for me. I have three more from him that aren't on the blog yet. He's brilliant.

  7. Gotcha.

    I think it's panel 12 that threw me off. That's definitely a bearded baby right there.


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