Thursday, November 17, 2011

Outsourcing My Online Dating

Outsourcing My Online Dating

A while ago I heard about a guy called Tim Ferris and because of what I heard, I bought his book The 4-HourWorkweek.

The book explains how he outsourced as many aspects of his life as he could think of, leaving him with just 4 hours of work per week, and almost unlimited free time to learn languages and practice jujitsu on the sandy beaches of Thailand or Rio. It inspired me to try outsourcing my comics. The results are clearly ace.

So I'd read the book and tested some of the principles. But after failing to master online dating, I remembered how I'd originally heard of Ferris. His friend had challenged him to outsource his dating, believing it to be impossible. So Ferris set up four project teams in India, Bangladesh and so on, assigned them a dating website and told them to get twenty-minute coffee dates for him. The team with the most dates would get a bonus.

He got ten dates in a week and a bunch of funny stories worth much more than the dollar cost of the project. I decided I would try that. But instead of paying MBA graduates in Bangalore to go on dating sites and pretend to be me, I'd manipulate Cecile into doing it for me for free. (Check my blog in a few months for a cool article called 'How to Manipulate Cecile').

So now for the rest of my online dating story, you'll have to travel over to her blog.
Part one was published today. Here's four reasons to read it: 1) It's about me. 2) It's laugh out loud funny. 3) Cecile says that if 50 people visit her blog because of this post she'll set me up with a Swedish girl. 4) Praise from someone who read the whole story: "Cecile! I just read the entire story start to finish, it is SO entertaining, GOOD WORK!! I was laughing out loud :O)"

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