Sunday, February 19, 2012


Last Sunday I put a name to one of the fastest growing sports in the world, and its name is BODYMINTON.

How do I get to name a sport? How fast is it growing? Here's the deal:

In conversation with a friend from football, I mentioned that I sometimes play badminton. He looked interested. "Badminton? I love badminton. Me and my friend used to play every week. I'd love a game."
Hold your horses, thought I. Not many people are compatible with my badminton playing style. Most people want to play for points, ensuring the game is stop-start and you don't get a sweat on. I prefer running around like a child trying to hit everything back over the net. I explained this to him.
He smiled. "Ah, that's how we played, too. It's not much fun playing for points. Although we did ... in a way. We tried to hit each other with the shuttle. You'd get one point for a limb, two for the body, four for the head."

Revised Bodyminton Scoring

I was excited. "Oh. My. God. That is the most amazing thing I've ever heard. We're going to play this Sunday. Do you want to come?"

So I coined the name BODYMINTON and its player base went from two to five in a single day.

It was, as you can guess, massive fun for everyone except Cecile, who is the easiest to hit with the shuttle. We did have a couple of normal games of doubles (for points, but only one of us took it seriously and she's too inept to influence the outcome). In parallel we played Bodyminton, leading to statements like, 'So the score's 10-6 to us and 4-0 to you.'

Bodyminton - join the craze.


  1. Looking forward to a game!

  2. Martin9:29 PM

    Why not simply call it Goodminton? High five, Andrew?


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