Sunday, March 25, 2012

PL #1: Why did the vegan die?



I was playing Assassin's Creed or Bioshock, I can't remember which, when the words 'Why did the vegan die?' popped into my head. Just as suddenly, the idea for this series followed. There would be a question, then the pictures would give the punchline.

Of course, 'Why did the vegan die?' isn't a proper joke. And so far, everyone who has seen this comic has just looked at me blankly then spent about FORTY MINUTES telling me 'maaaaaaaah you can get vegan food in McDonald's now' and at the end I just go 'It's just a joke!' and we have a big fight and stop being friends.

But anyway, I quickly realised the rest of the series would have to use more traditional jokes. But I like this one even if you don't, so there.


  1. You do me a disservice sir! MY response was "Hahaha, I like it!". Of course that was immediately after I told you I thought the milkshake joke was lame, so maybe you had blocked me from your perception of the world.

  2. The last 2 pics made me laugh, i love how the survivors get fat :-).

  3. Ah, I remember now. You said you liked it and then you told me that the new McVegan burger was made of airfluff and had a cocktail of added vitamins, so a vegan definitely wouldn't die in those circumstances.

  4. Again you wrong me! That was Cecile! I never go into McDonalds, I don't know what the fuck they serve these days. We DID offer a 'veggie' burger back when I worked there 15 years ago, but I'm pretty sure that wasn't even a food.

    In fact that's my only criticism now I think about it - they should all be dead; only the vegan of starvation and the other two of malnutrition.


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