Sunday, November 18, 2012

My Draw Something Skills

There is a smartphone game called Draw Something. I'm sure you know it and have played it. I'm also sure that you will soon be in awe of my Draw Something skills.

Here's a gallery of some of my drawings. Look upon my works and despair!

Early Work
I started by drawing simple things until my technique improved. Example: sheep; fart.

Artistic Maturity
Having mastered the touchscreen interface, I was able to produce stunning renditions of famous people and places.

Social Comment
Soon, making great art wasn't enough. I began to use the game as an opportunity to communicate with my audience.

The game told me to draw the word 'funeral' for Cecile to guess. So I drew her funeral.

Party time!

Cecile didn't like that and was mad at me for a whole weekend. Then she decided she wanted to be friends again and sent me a sickeningly sweet text message saying that she valued my friendship a lot and wanted to us both to work harder to stay friends.

Fortuitously, Draw Something gave me the word 'vomit' to send to Cecile, so I was able to reply visually.

beep - new message from Cecile "Let's be friends!"

A week later, she forgave me again.

Next I had the chance to subtly suggest to my friend Heidi that she ate like a pig and was gross. I had to draw the word 'fondue' for her, and sent her this:

Heidi getting fondue all over herself like she's trying to absorb cheese through pores in her skin
We haven't eaten together since, but I'm sure she was happy someone helped her correct her misbehaviour.

If I continue with my development as an artist, surely it won't be long before people are paying thousands of dollars to play Draw Something with me. I'll keep you posted.


  1. That's brilliant, you made my day! It's always fun to come over here.

  2. The blog was twice voted 'funnest place on the internet' - glad you liked it!


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