Monday, December 24, 2012

Nice Things About Switzerland #4: Snow

Sunny days are nice. You can eat ice cream and wear sunglasses and look at women's breasts without them knowing. But nobody says 'I hope it suns on Christmas.'

Rain is worse. It stops cricket matches and ruins your hair after you've put loads of product in it. One of my friends called his startup company 'RainThreat' and it failed within months. When he renamed it 'SunGlee Industries' he got millions in capital and grants. If it rains on Christmas it's God trying to make you cry.

What everyone wants at Christmas is snow. Crisp, white, powdery snow hugging the city like a mother cat. Snow is to Christmas what shrugging is to the French. Put another way, snow makes Christmas christmassy the way feral grunting makes sex sexy.

One of the nice things about Switzerland is that it delivers snow in winter. Look at the snow!

Snowcapped peak, like the very Alps
An amorphous blob, next to a snowman

So it's not actually going to snow on Christmas Day, and the snow in the photos was from two weeks ago. But I saved a bit of it and put it in my freezer, and I'll put it in a glass of champagne for Christmas breakfast and then I'll feel really christmassy.


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