Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Nice Things About Switzerland #5: The Last Croissant

It would be a damned dirty lie to call the Swiss polite. Their attitude to queuing is downright primitive and if you try to exit a lift, navigate through a supermarket, or get on a tram, you can't, because there's a Swiss guy in your way. If I had to get married, (most likely as part of a tax wheeze or elaborate prank), I wouldn't do it in Switzerland, because there would be Swiss people blocking the aisle, blowing foul cigarette fumes over me as I tried to sidestep them.

But one aspect of politeness is alive and well. No Swiss person will ever, ever eat the last croissant.

Which is great for me, because I have zero shame. I'm this guy:

Hold the doughnut aloft

My work often takes me to offices, which is great because people in offices have meetings, and meetings are powered by coffee, croissants, and cookies. I don't drink coffee but the rest is manna from heaven. Free grub!

The last biscuit: mine

The last croissants: mine

Thanks, Switzerland!


The doughnut picture is taken from the book 'The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Guide' which is full of handy tips about how to survive stuff. Mostly serious, but with some lighter entries like 'How to Break Up with a Vampire'.

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  1. Anonymous4:36 PM

    the croissants suck! i hate them, so come here n take that swiss crap all for free?!


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