Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Dryathlon 2014: Day One

Long-time readers might remember the time I tried to go 30 days alcohol-free, and failed because of the machinations of a German woman.

Now it's time to try again. Now it's time to succeed! And raise some money for Cancer Research UK while I'm doing it.

I saw some adverts for the Dryathlon project - the aim is to go through January without drinking, and either saving or donating the money you would have spent on booze. "Raising funds by not raising glasses." Sounds good, no? 

Quitting alcohol will also help me lose the extras kilos I've piled on, help me get fit for a football tournament, and make it easier to get some proper sleep.

Right! Let's do it! Roar!

--- DAY ONE ---

After railroading my girlfriend into joining the project, I set up my page on the Dryathlon website and made a team ('The Bellyfluffs' - feel free to join).

One fun bit was setting up my own SMS code like a real charity. I chose the code HUNK77 for obvious reasons, and bullied my mum into testing it. It works. Behold the future!

Then there's an automated thank-you note that gets sent to anyone who donates through my page. It said to make the text personal, because 'the more personal you make the experience, the more likely people are to donate again.'

Anyone donating to my page will see this:

The omnipresent super-brain known as Andrew Girardin knows of your donation to Cancer Research UK and is PLEASED. Andrew Girardin wishes you to receive his thanks.
So let it be written, so let it be done!
Thank you for your donation

I assume that's personal enough?

After setting up the pages and writing this blog, that's all I can do for today. I suppose the next step is to not drink alcohol tonight. Which will be childishly easy.

--- Links ---

Want to join The Bellyfluffs? Do it here:

Found some cash down the sofa? Go here:


  1. Anonymous8:25 PM

    I am doing this too-I am on Day 1 like you and it is hurting me already-still only 30 days to go. Good luck

  2. Hey, you too!

    I'm not sure how hard it'll be for me. Last time I tried it was hard at first, then I got used to it, then it was hard again, then it was plain sailing. The hardest bit at the end was lack of concentration - sounds stupid but I'd picked up booze in supermarkets and then remembered 'oh yeah, I'm supposed to be clean...'

    Oh, and during that time, two friends on separate occasions bought delicious cool beers and plonked them in front of me. I resisted, but it'll be easier if I just don't go out in January.


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