Thursday, January 02, 2014

Dryathon 2014: Day Two

--- DAY TWO ---

As per my previous post, I'm not drinking alcohol in January in support of Cancer Research UK. I don't plan to write about it every day - not even close. GTA 5 isn't going to play itself. But I'll write updates from time to time. Like... now.

My Dryathlon so far:

1. It's helpful to have a supportive girlfriend (I would imagine)

After encouraging me to quit drinking, agreeing to take part herself, and struggling through the clunky signup process, Jen was fully onboard to support me through what could be some tricky times.

"At least there's one person in the world utterly rooting for me to succeed," I said to myself. "One person I can count on." My phone went beep beep! It was Jen getting ready to come and stay the night.

apologies for the punctuation

Srs Q is German for 'serious question'.

In case the meaning isn't totally clear, she's offering to bring an open bottle of wine to my flat. For what? To test a stain-remover? Get thee behind me, thou temptress!

2. I probably drink too much in general

Last night I didn't get to sleep for hours, as normal, and when I did sleep I dreamt I was walking down the street with a glass of ice-cold cider. God, it tasted so good. In the dream I was plotting how to lie to people about failing the challenge on day one.

I told this to Jen, and she told me that lying about drinking is a classic sign of an alcoholic. Like I said, supportive.

It's been pointed out that I should probably say how much I normally drink so that readers can get an idea of how hard this challenge will be. Well, there's a calculator on the Dryathlon website that shows how much money you spend on booze, and how many calories you're consuming. It said I drink 25,000 calories a month. "That's an insane amount. That can't be right," I said, and closed the tab. "Sounds about right to me," said you-know-who.

3. I didn't lose weight.

After a whole day of not drinking! Boo!

4. Donations are flooding in

Is one donation a flood? Sure, whatever. My good friend and former blog muse Cecile slapped 30 pounds onto Cancer Research UK's table, so in addition to the pound from when my mum tested the SMS code, that's 31 pounds. I'm going to double whatever comes in, so that's 62 pounds raised already.

If you want to chip in, here's the link:


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  1. Really amusing post. I think I have a husband a bit like your girlfriend as he waved wine under my now on Day one of my Dryathelete campaign.
    I would so love to lose weight as an added benefit of doing this.
    My sponsorship is about the same level as yours so far.
    We are doing something positive here - important to hold on to that. All the very best. Good to find your blog for the first time


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