Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Dryathlon 2014: Review

I tried to quit alcohol for a month to get healthier and raise money for Cancer Research UK. The last time I tried to go a month without drinking I failed.

Here are some thoughts. I'm a bit hungover so don't expect it to be funny.

Degree of Difficulty
I found it easy not to drink - I just filled my fridge with alcohol-free beer. The local Swiss brand is merely drinkable, but there's a Paulaner that's really quite nice. 

Oh, and I didn't go out almost the whole month. That helped.

People donated 170 pounds, which I doubled to make 340. Thanks to everyone who donated!

Weight Loss
I was about 85kg on January 1st. I was drinking 25,000 calories in booze per month, which equates to about 3kg. All things being equal, I could reasonably expect to be about 82kg at the end of January.

After two weeks dry I was 83.7kg, which was probably on target. But I felt I wasn't losing enough, so I made an effort to cut out sugar - no more chocolate, pasta, bread. I think I only had two pizzas in the whole of January.

On the menu came tons of chicken, natural yoghurt, and club salads. On the 1st of Feb I had dropped to 80.8. Wowza!

(I just watched a documentary about a guy who lost 4kg in a month, like me - he was told that half was from fat and half was muscle mass. GAH. Another thing to be paranoid about. I'm going to buy one of those scales that tells you your body fat and muscle mass percentage.)

When I write a draft of a blog post or a chapter of my book, I send it to an all-star team of readers. I typically send two or three a month. Halfway through January, having sent one or more a day, every day, I got an email from Cecile saying 'What's happened to you? Why are you writing so much now?!'

One-word answer: dry.

The Future of Drinking
Last night I had two large wheat beers and a normal lager (a student treated me to a premium burger and free drinks). It was my first booze in 2014. I don't feel especially good this morning, which is why this post is so boring. I feel groggy and slow.

I expect to stick to alcohol-free beer in future, but I'll still have red wine. Oh, and tomorrow I'm going to see Robocop, so I'll sneak in some mini bottles of prosecco. "Dead or Alive, you're coming with me!" Action movies are better with booze - that's just common sense.

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