Thursday, March 06, 2014

Nice Things About Switzerland #7: Fountains

"You can drink from the fountains," I was told on my second day in Zurich.
"I'm astonished," said my face.
"I know it's hard for us expats to believe. But it's true. The water is clean and pure and you can drink from any fountain throughout Switzerland!"
"But..." I said. "But. But."

But there was no but! It was right! I started going for jogs and planning my route according to where the fountains were. No need to carry a water bottle - just swig wherever, whenever. Fountains are also perfect places to wash away evidence after you've done a crime. Bonus.

'Drink me' said the fountain at the bottom of the rabbit-hole. 'No way, I'll get leprosy,' said Alice

Swiss people react strangely when I express my gratitude for this amazing luxury, because they can't imagine a world where you can't drink from fountains. 

I must sound like someone raving about shoes. "I was walking on glass and pebbles and hurting myself and then I found these things you can put on. They're called shoes! They protect my feet. Oh! And they make me taller!" 

But then, the German word for 'shoe' is 'foot-coffin', so I don't care if they think I'm the weird one.

During my childhood on the side-streets of Manchester, I dared not go near a fountain lest I contract leprosy or tetanus. So I appreciate Swiss fountains very much.

Here's a nice site with some of the photos I should have included in this post: "Discovering Zurich, one fountain at a time"



  1. Did you mix up glove and shoe?

  2. Argh! You sound like Jen. I think for people who speak less German than you it should be funny.

  3. Note - I changed the joke that no-one seemed to get. SIGH


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