Thursday, May 08, 2014

100 Happy Days - Part 1

What is this 100 happy days thing?

Simply - 100 happy days in a row.

There's a website ( that encourages people to take photos of things that make them happy - one a day for 100 days. The idea is that people who habitually take time to notice happy moments end up in a better mood, get more compliments from people, and become more optimistic.

I'm going to do the challenge and write about it here on my blog. Um... obviously.


There was a lot to be happy about on the first day. First, I bought and devoured the new Michael Lewis book 'Flashboys.' It's the first time I've read a book in a day since I got a smartphone.

The next good thing was watching idiots try to get into the Post Office across the road from my flat. It was closed for half a day so the employees could go and watch the burning of a giant snowman. Every two minutes someone strode towards the automatic doors, nearly bumped their head, peered inside, looked at the opening hours, looked bewildered, then walked away, slowly, defeated. And every time the whole scene was played out to the sound of my laughter.

Note - My girlfriend Jen has agreed to recreate some scenes so that I don't have to put myself in dangerous situations such as taking photos of frustrated morons while giggling.


Swiss people on public transport behave with such a sense of entitlement that I have made it my personal mission to tut and shake my head at each and every one of them until they learn to behave.

My main complaint is that they sit on the aisle seat so that no-one can sit on the window seat, or sit on the window seat and put their bag on the aisle seat. Heaven forbid they should have to sit next to someone!

Today I made one of the aisle-dicks stand up and let me past while I tutted and shook my head at him. I didn't take a photo because I didn't realise it had made me happy until later. So here's a photo of a random douchebag:


Today was the day one of my oldest friends suggested I do the 100 happy days thing. You might wonder how I started the project two days before I heard about it. Answer - I can do what I want. Leave me alone.

What was today's happy thing? Probably being thankful that all my oldest friends live in different countries and can't sabotage my existence like they used to.

Case study: Once, when I was unavoidably late to Business Studies, my friend David Baker told the teacher I was doing it deliberately as a challenge to her authority. When I got there she told me to go away. I was bemused until the next day when David told me what he'd done. His language was apologetic, but his face was smug.

But that's all water under the bridge and I've completely forgotten the whole incident.


I saw this near my flat:


I got home seconds before a biblical deluge. My flat was warm and dry like toast at a lactose-intolerant buffet. (I just pitched that simile to Jen and she said 'They could have margarine.' It's like living with Rainman.)

I made a cup of my Britishest tea and drank it while looking out my window at all the people who lied when they were 17.

And I was, briefly, happy.

Google Travis if you don't get it. That includes you, Jen.


Jen said she would do an hour on the exercise bike while I was writing in my bedroom. After half an hour the bike went silent, and instead I heard some weird grunting noises. Is she doing what it sounds like she's doing...? I wondered, and went to investigate.

As I suspected, she was doing Qi Gong. She was bent over with her thong visible for the whole world to see. "It's not called Qi Thong!" I said, and laughed like a mong. But a happy mong.

Here's a photo of Jen bent over with her thong riding high:

Not allowed, it turns out.


I was all gassy from eating pizza and drinking alcohol-free beer. My stomach was distended and the pressure was building. "Jen," I said, "I'm going to do some pooping soon if you want to use the bathroom."

"No," she said. She was lying on the sofa wrapped in a blanket like ET. "Can't move. Too tired."

"Okay," I said. "But I'm going to need some help getting this party started. I need you to poke my belly and yell 'release the kraken!'"

I'm not sure if she replied - I was too busy laughing.

Progress after 7 days:

Mood: Unchanged
Compliments: Normal volume/quality - "You've been watching a lot of Dr. House? Well, you would like that show, wouldn't you?"
Optimism: Unchanged


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