Sunday, November 02, 2014

Photographer Documents the Finding of the 'Lost' Art of Conversation

A recent viral article claims to 'document' the death of real-life conversation by showing photos of people using their smartphones. While other people are nearby. Some of whom are also, scandalously, USING THEIR PHONES. My friend Cecile posted it on her Facebook wall with the comment "omg conversation is dead waily waily prepare for the rapture"

BUT new research conducted by me suggests that the art of conversation is alive and kicking. And I have the photos to prove it.

Please note that I AM seriously positing a claim that these photos show that people are talking to each other more often than ever before in human history, and that those conversations are also more interesting, more full of human feeling, and contain a wider range of vocabulary.

"Yes! Totally incurable!"

"The first one to stop clapping is fired."

 "You'll never find the bodies."

"Just pictures of women eating salad and laughing. Yes, a whole website!"

"Dude, why does that girl have your penis on a leash?"

"No, it's an extra fifty with a condom."

"And it just ended with a nice photo of two people who use their smartphone more than average and talk more than average. And that kind of proved his point."

The last photo was taken by Aurelie Menard.

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