Thursday, March 05, 2015

16 Weird Kitten Facts

16 Weird Kitten Facts

If you dress kittens up in a yellow and black striped jumper, they look exactly like bees.

Kittens have a non-fatal terminal velocity of about 60mph. They can parachute to earth like a squirrel. It's easier to survive if the fall is above 8 stories high.

Entry to the Coombe Park menagerie was either one shilling or a live kitten to feed to the bear-in-residence.

Before the Suez Crisis, Prime Minister of Britain Anthony Eden, supposedly doped up to the eyeballs, consulted a kitten on whether to invade Egypt, in the mistaken belief it was the Foreign Secretary.

A newly born kitten has the equivalent absorbency of a car sponge.

The ground rent set by the Duchy of Cornwall for its tin mines in the 1860s was two kittens, payable twice yearly.

Kittens grow up to be cats.

You can build a simple perpetual motion machine by tying a piece of buttered toast to the back of a kitten and dropping it.

In the early days of television, kittens were taped to actors's chins to simulate beards.

The Danish word for kitten is 'killing'.

94.3% of all kittens are descended from Genghis Kitty, who was leader of the Meowgol Hordes in the 13th Century...

When it rains heavily, we say it is "raining cats and dogs". "Raining kittens and puppies" is the term for drizzle.

If you shave a ginger kitten, it has freckles.

If you say "kitten" three times whilst looking in the mirror, a cute ball of fur with hooks for paws comes and kills you.

Kitten is derived from the latin "Kit" meaning "Cute", and "Ten" meaning "does a poo in your shoe at night".

My kitten's breath smells of kitten food.

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  1. Kittens or cats, I really don't like them, but I have many fellows who just love cats and have so many at their homes. Going to share with them


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