Monday, June 18, 2007

Disco Polo Polo vs Disco Polo Ruskie

Which came first, Disco Polo or Disco Polo Ruskie?

Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES are you to stop the video before you get to 3:01 (counting down). You must listen to the chorus or you will have bad luck for 10 days. And check out the SPECIAL EFFECTS at 1:17.


New Year
All our dreams will come true
We will remember the new year - all year!
Don't regret wasting candles

If you are planning to train to be a CIA operative or a professional chess player at any point in your life, see if you can pass this test of mental durability and concentration: You have to watch this video WITHOUT nodding your head in time to the beat.


  1. Kubica19858:27 PM

    Nice article. But did you know Disco Polo means pop music from Poland? So to write Disco Polo Polo is too many Polos. Disco Polo Ruskie is strange too because you can't have Russian Polish music.

    I'm sure you agree.


  2. Why are all their ears so big?

  3. Roman4:40 PM

    Those boys are some of the richest entertainers in former Soviet.

    Ears are big because they listen to music so much so makes it good


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