Saturday, February 09, 2008

Valentine's Day Poem

The Seduction

"I have an itchy neck" she sings
"It's scratchy and annoying
It makes me think of snakes and stings
And dust and heat and poison things"

"Whoa, take a breath", he says
"You've got your head all stupid
Think softer thoughts like ocean waves
A sandy beach and cupid"

"No it hurts" she says "it hurts a lot
Not pain but discomfort which is worse
It itches underneath the skin
It itches underneath the nerves"

"Shh, listen, quiet, calm
I'll whisper in your ear a psalm
A verse of soothing moving smoothing
Auditory rhyming balm"

"Okay I'm listening but check my neck
It must be full of spots and specks
And flecks of dirt and nits and lice
Atomic cats, protonic mice"

"Is it here?" "No down a bit
So make a start on kissing it
That feels quite nice I must admit
I'm still not cured so don't yet quit"

"I have a plan that could well work
I think I'll nibble at your ear
I'll nibble at your ear and then
Your itch will disappear"

"It's worth a try I guess, go ahead
Mmm - oh yes that's right" she said
"One itch is gone but now instead
I have an itch to go to bed"