Monday, June 25, 2007

Polish Joke

Opole, a small town in Poland. Late 2006.


"I know a Polish joke," I told my students.
They sighed. "Go on," they said.
"It's from an old British sitcom called Yes, Minister. Very funny; superior writing. You'd like it. Well there's this one episode where there's some diplomats and one of them says to another, 'Hey, have you heard the latest Polish joke? Jaruzelski!'"
"That is not funny for us. It was a very serious time."
I tutted. It got a laugh on the BBC. "Fine. God. Tell me a joke then."
"We don't know any."
"Then that's your homework."


"Jokes. Go."
"There are two pigs eating from a..." He swept his hand sideways.
"Trough," I said.
"There are two pigs eating from a trough. One of them vomits into the trough. The other one says, 'Hey! Stop making more work for us.'" His fellow students giggled.
"Right. Interesting insight into a certain way of thinking. Ah, Evalina. Your joke please."
"Me? Okay. There is a man who borrowed money from his friend. He can't pay it back. He is worried. His wife says, 'Why are you worried?' He says, 'I borrowed money and I can't pay it back.' 'I will deal with it,' says his wife. His wife goes to the phone and calls the other man. 'Hello,' she says, 'my husband doesn't have the money. Goodbye.'" The class laughs furiously.
"Yes?" I said.
"What?" she said.
"Then what happened?"
"That is the end of the joke."

Monday, June 18, 2007

Disco Polo Polo vs Disco Polo Ruskie

Which came first, Disco Polo or Disco Polo Ruskie?

Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES are you to stop the video before you get to 3:01 (counting down). You must listen to the chorus or you will have bad luck for 10 days. And check out the SPECIAL EFFECTS at 1:17.


New Year
All our dreams will come true
We will remember the new year - all year!
Don't regret wasting candles

If you are planning to train to be a CIA operative or a professional chess player at any point in your life, see if you can pass this test of mental durability and concentration: You have to watch this video WITHOUT nodding your head in time to the beat.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Disco Polo

"How long have you been in Poland now?" asked Ola.
"Three months. Four. I dunno," I replied. "But I feel like I've learned a lot about Poland in that time."
"Do you know about Disco Polo?" she asked.
"No," I said.
"Then you know nothing."

Jestes szalona means "you're crazy."
'Boys' remain the highest-grossing artists in Polish history.