Saturday, December 24, 2011

Asterix in Switzerland: Latin Jokes Explained

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  1. Cal-Teach1:39 PM

    Outstanding Andrew - I was roaring with laughter - the fondue in the summer comment is of course spot on.

  2. Amélie9:59 AM

    Living in Switzerland, I really enjoyed reading this. Must have been a lot of work to put it together but it's worth it!

  3. Even after 100 times, these comics still make me laugh! Great explanations Andrew, they definitely add to the fun :)

  4. Nowadays, one might say "distance lends enchantment to the view".

  5. Beautifully phrased, Doc!

  6. "It's a reference to Federico Fellini, who made debauched films like Casanova."

    Actually it is a reference to Fellini's Satyricon (adapted from Petronius) which features Roman orgies: the picture is a clear visual reference to this particular movie (check Google Images).
    Also note that Asterix in Helvetia was published in 1970, that is one year after Fellini's Satyricon but 5 years before Fellini's Casanova.

  7. Thanks, Viktor! I recommend searching for 'Satyricon Fellini' instead of just 'Satryricon'... shudder.

    The orgies do look like similar and I'm sure you're right about the dates and everything.

    But I didn't mean to say this Asterix was inspired by Casanova. I just shoehorned in a reference to Fellini so I could mention Casanova so I could publicly complain about my friend's brutal treatment of me.


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