Monday, February 23, 2015

Podcast Pals - The World's First Podcast Review Blog

You might remember my French friend Cecile - if you don't, you can use the search bar. Type something like 'clammy forehead' or 'irascible.' Well, together we have launched a new blog called Podcast Pals.

We both got addicted - like all the cool kids - to the Serial podcast. When that was over, I found myself hunting around for new podcasts to listen to, and mailing Cecile raving about the good ones. Podcast Pals takes that basic concept and shares it with the world.

Why should you check it out? If you ever liked a radio show there will be a podcast you'll love. If you wished I wrote on here more frequently, go there - I'm posting up to three times a week right now. And if you already know about podcasts and have opinions of your own, go and fill our comments section!

The site isn't perfect - the logo is temporary - but go and bookmark it, and check out some of the recommendations.