Tuesday, August 02, 2011

True Love : Too Much Work

I love comics and graphic novels and always wanted to make my own. Problem is, I can't draw. But other people can! So I've drawn first drafts of a bunch of comics and commissioned more talented artists to make them pretty.

Here's the first one, drawn by a 12-year old French girl. She's French, which explains why she didn't follow my clear instructions that there should be no text, and why the text she did include is in French, and thus incomprehensible to 99.99% of human beings. 

And don't ask me why there's a rabbit in it all of a sudden. That was her idea. She also changed the main character from a man to a woman. It's great, though, and captures the essence of what I was shooting for. Who'd have thought the French would be such good collaborators?

TRUE LOVE : Too Much Work
by Andrew Girardin and Léa Pertuiset

"Honey, can't come, too much work"

"And a bit more rabbit"  (?!)

You're very welcome to leave a comment. The nice ones will be passed on to the (12-year old) artist.


  1. Hahaha. "Poser un lapin" in French means not to come to an appointment. Maybe we say to stand someone up in English? You can write my sister's name, it's Léa (don't forget the accent). She was convinced her drawings were not good so now she's proud to be online ;-)

  2. Her name is already there, under the heading of the comic. See?

    So it's nothing to do with rabbits. That's a relief.

  3. Andrew's mum says:
    What an artist - fantastic.
    Wish I could draw like her. I can only do stick people. Well done Lea. Sorry can't do the accent.


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