Friday, August 30, 2013

Being Cecile Meier

I have created a piece of interactive fiction. It was partly inspired by the movie Being John Malkovich. So far, three people have played it. Here are the reviews:

Male #1: This is amazing. I want to make one of my own. How did you do it?
Male #2: It's very good. I enjoyed it, and learned a lot about the benefits of crab.
Female #1: I laughed a lot, but it's so weird. Why are you so weird? Did you spend the whole day doing this?

You can play the game by clicking on this link:

It's quick and fun. (It's playable on a mobile but on my phone the text was a bit small, so better to play it on a laptop.) Let me know what you think of it in the comments below.



  1. You changed my review.

  2. I just took out the spoilers and improved your punctuation.

  3. There was no crab in my game. I would ask you to amend it for me to guarantee crustacean interaction, but I don't want to appear shellfish.


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